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Soraya Cosaert

User Experience Designer

06 - 12 20 56 58

2020 - Achmea | Strategic UX Designer | User Researcher | Interaction Designer ( Freelance )

| New pension platform

Improve the current platform and activate users with no pension affinity (yellow person) to use the platform without help from the service employees.

We retrieved insights from service employees to set up customer journeys. Facilitate design sprints to define concept directions. Based on design principles we created concepts, visual designs and high fidelity prototypes which we validated with users. We itterated the designs and validated again.

2019 - ABN Amro | Strategic UX Designer | User Researcher | Interaction Designer ( Freelance )

| User Insights

In order to make the right design decisions we want to know our users and their needs. Available persona’s where outdated, valuable insights are ‘stuck’ inside reports, time-consuming to gather and there is no 
‘single source of truth’. Based on research we created improved baseline persona's.

| Video Banking

Offer the customer a user-friendly comprehensive environment for video banking within Internet Banking so that they can interact before, during and after the video conversation.

2018 - KLM | Strategic UX Designer | User Researcher | Interaction Designer ( Freelance )

| KLM staff app development

Helping KLM become the most customer-intimate airline. A crucial part of this is the digital empowerment of the KLM staff, helping them to deliver memorable experiences to customers. Realizing this by doing research and translating this into actionable insights for scrum teams, influencing strategic decisions, setting up service design tracks to explore these insights into defining new features and designing for the iPad apps, Appy2Help and PLUG. 

| International Stations

To ensure a big adoption of the KLM staff app Appy2Help I started a project to connect different International Stations to map the needs and translate this into clear Appy2Help requirements that the Schiphol based scrum teams can implement. The target users from all over the globe flew to Schiphol so that they could participate in the workshop I hosed.

2018 - NOS | Strategic UX Designer | User Researcher | Interaction Designer ( Freelance )

| NOS 360 World Cup multi angle experience

This year users could view the most exited moments in the World Cup match over and over again from different interesting angles. With the NOS 360 multi angle experience we let the Dutch audience take control and relive the moments that matter. In a sports event as the World Cup where interesting technologies like the VAR come in play we offer the users a new innovative experience where they can see more than on TV. This project could be admired on TV, Web and App.

| Innovation Labs

Millennials | "How can the NOS reach millennials and help them participate in society with facts? "

This project has been successfully realized with the Design Thinking process. We were able to identify the millennials needs which are completely different than the usual NOS audience and transformed them into a suitable hi fidelity prototype that contains new content and style guidelines. These insights are used for a new proposition.

Conversational UI | Smart Speakers Google Home

We are proud to be one of the first apps live on the Google Assistant with our Dutch NOS news app.

E-merce article

Sport research | "Do we meet the expectations of the Dutch population regarding sports reporting?

A lean research executed at Utrecht Central. The insights are used for new concepts and propositions.

2018 - Vodafone | Persuasive UX Designer ( Freelance )

Making the new "Vodafone family" proposition intelligible for the consumer via storytelling.

2017 - Royal Flora Holland | Researcher | UX Designer ( Freelance )

Royal Flora Holland is creating an easy-to-use platform that will deliver value by connecting all growers and customers around the world and it will facilitate all steps of their journey.

I was part of the retail project. Based on research we create segmentations of the retail market, connect the most valuable parties and become part of the platforms eco-system by offering additional services. By properly identifying the various journeys of the segments, we can select and prioritize subjects to make the connection possible. These are some project deliverables; Complexity / Impact model, Company profiles, Segment Journeys, Impact analysis technique, Roadmap to Story level.

2017 - ING | Business Strategist | User researcher ( Freelance )

Corporate Legal and Corporate NFR are spending intense effort to manage and control the continuous regulatory change, ING wants to realize a platform that structures and simplifies this process of translating regulations into policies and processes in order to stay compliant and prevent fines. 

For this project I validated the assumed customer segment, their problems and the magnitude of these problems by doing Rapid Experimentations. Many initiatives fail because they solve problems that either do not exist or are unimportant. These insights helped the stakeholders to make an evidence-based decision about the product direction. 

2017 - Sparkholder | UX Designer | UI Designer ( Freelance )

Loanstreet is a startup that helps entrepreneurs to easily request a funding by multiple financiers at once. 

During the product development I was responsible to simplify complex processes, by making the right Interaction Design, detailed UI Design and providing new insights.

2017 - XS4ALL | Senior User Experience Designer | Scrum master ( via Informaat )

| Optimizing a platform for existing customers

To decrease the load on our customer service department, we are developing an outstanding online self-service platform. I have been realizing an online living style guide to ensure consistency throughout the product. In the role of Scrum master, I make sure that the scrum team can function optimally and insure that we deliver as promised.

2017 - Ladies That UX | UX Meet up organizer

Ladies that UX is a platform across the globe to come together, support en empower each other throughout their UX careers. Ladies that UX Utrecht is organizing a monthly informal meeting in Utrecht with inspiring UX topics. We bring UX minded people together to discuss, share and inspire. 

2016 - CZ | Senior User Experience Designer( via Informaat )

| Data driven design to help care seekers find the right health care provider

In the "Zorgvinder", we want to help insured customers to find the right health care provider. In addition, we take into account the social responsibility that CZ has as a health insurer. For example, to push more on quality and provide up to date information. I was responsible for conducting data driven user research that resulted in Wireframes, Hi fidelity prototypes, Visuals and User Flows. 

2016 - Douwe Egberts | User tester ( via Valtech )

For the business to business e-commerce platform, I have done user tests in the presence of both the user and customer to gather new insights from the design or existing product. My insights have been used to optimaze the platform.

2015 - 2016 - Agro Energy ( Eneco ) | Lead User Experience Designer ( via Valtech )

| Optimization and rebuilding a responsive platform

With the Agro "Energy Manager", agricultural farmers can trade energy to realize a lower cost price. As an UX Designer, I have used Contextual Inquiries to come to representative Persona's and Customer Journeys. In order to align the business stakeholders, I have facilitated Design Sprints and various workshops ( card sorting ).  Also, I have created hi fidelity prototypes that have been validated with the target group. The insights are shared with the business to make the right design decisions. In addition to my UX design role, I have supported the development team as a Scrum master. I helped the Product Owners to get the right focus. Based on User Story Mapping, I have created a representative roadmap and adequate user stories have been written which helped the development team to create the right product.

2015 - Bouwcenter | User Research e-commerce ( via Valtech )

For Bouwcenter I have done user research to get the offline experience online with an e-commerce platform. Mapping the actors to have a clear overview of the logistic processes to give them a good online service. It all comes together in the Customer Journey. We have found new ideas to service the users even better online than offline. 

2015 - Eneco | User tester  ( via Valtech )

For various projects, I have done user tests in the presence of both the user and customer to gather new insights from the design or existing product. The insights have been used to learn and optimize.

2015 - Louwman Groep | User Experience Designer ( via Valtech )

User research, concept development, hi fidelity prototype

For Louwman Group, I have done user research on how to increase the revenue on car parts via their web shop channel. I have identified how car dealers ( customers of Louwman ) process their purchase orders. The flows from both the loyal and non-loyal dealers have been visualized. In the research, it appears that part of the dealers choose to purchase non original car parts at Louwmans competitors due to the lack of available car parts and user unfriendly systems. In addition, a conceptual proposal has been made with an improved user interface that allows dealers to get more control on the ordering process so they can work faster, gain more insights and stay loyal to Louwman.

2015 - Rabobank | User Experience Designer ( via Valtech )

Platform for farmers to exchange knowledge, responsive design

In order to connect farmers around the world to exchange knowledge to solve the global food problem, I have made a responsive interaction design for the social component of the farmer's platform. 

2013 - Exact | UX Designer Wholesale & CRM

Exact Online is cloud based inventory management software that integrates financial records, logistic processes, sales, accounting and CRM. I made sure the interests of end users and the requirements of the client meet-up and are translated into an awesome experience. To achieve this I have applied Contextual Inquiry, Focus groups, Card sorting, Persona’s, Customer Journey's and Hi fidelity prototypes. I was responsible for the UX guidance of different Scrum teams located in Kiev and Kuala Lumpur.

2011 - Figlo | Interaction Designer

Figlo develops financial software for independent advisors and banks. User friendly translation of complex processes and provide the business new insights and requirements. I have applied User testing, Flow charts, Wireframes & Hi fidelity prototypes. I was responsible for a scrum team in Manilla.

2009 - Freelance Interaction Designer

As a student I worked as a freelancer Interaction Designer for clients such as; Rotterdamse Jongeren Raad, Fashion week Amsterdam, Mondriaan wijn en HD Medi.


Communication Multimedia Design

Bachelor (ing.)

Hogeschool Rotterdam


Social Work


Hogeschool Rotterdam

Social Work


Inholland Rotterdam

Propedeuse diploma Social Work

Graphical Intermediate MBO 4

Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam


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